armitron watches review

Armitron Watches Review – Are They Good?

Armitron Watches Review – Are They Good?

Today I’m taking a look at the Armitron watch brand. The Armitron watch company is actually a division of the E.Gluck corpoation and has been producing Armitron watches since the 1950s.

Armitron are an affordable watch brand the focuses on offering a huge selection of timepieces in various styles and designs with the aim of having something suitable for everyone.

You can pick from digital sports timepieces or smarter looking chronograph watches with leather straps.

Are Armitron Watches Good Quality?

So are Armitron watches actually any good? I guess that’s what a lot of you are really wanting to find out. To be fair they do offer good value for money. They’re a lower end brand and as such you shouldn’t be expecting the quality of a Rolex now. But for what they cost, I’d say they’re pretty decent.

Best Armitron Watches

To finish things off I’ve put together a list of some of the most popular Armitron watches for you to have a look through. There’s a combination of sports and dress watches to look at. Obviously if you like the look of the brand I’d recommend checking out their full collections online.

If you have any questions about any of the watches featured here, simply comment below.


1. Armitron Sports Digital Chronograph Watch for Men

armitron 408254BLKFirst up in today’s list of the top Armitron watches for men is the 40/8254. This is a digital chronograph watch with a comfortabe resin strap.

The casing of this model has a diameter of 51mm with a thickness of 15mm. This makes it a pretty chunky timepiece, so if you don’t like larger watches, this won’t be suitable for you.

The dial has a very clear and easy to read display with large numerals that stand out on the screen. Features of this digital watch include an alarm, lap and time functions. It also has a 100m water resistance rating which is very good to see.

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2. Armitron Sport Digital Chronograph Watch

Armitron 408284Next up in today’s list of some of the most recommended Armitron watches is this interesting model with red detailing that makes the watch stand out.

The casing of this Armitron timepiece has a diameter of 54mm and a thickness of 16mm making it even larger than the previous model featured. It’s perfect for people who love oversized watches.

The dial of course sticks to this large easy to read layout which is expected from a decent digital sports watch. Features of this timepiece include a lap time, alarm, dual time display, military time, back-light functions, and a day and date display. Like the previous watch, it also has a 100m water resistance rating.

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3. Armitron Dress Watch with Swarovski Crystal

Armitron 204604DBSVBKI wanted to switch things up a little and feature a Armitron dress watch next. This is much more suitable for formal occasions than the previous watches, that being said, it can still be worn day to day as casual wear.

The dial of this timepiece features a beautiful dark blue finish to it with 8 Swarovski crystals making the watch really stand out.

This watch is powered by a reliable quartz movement and has a 50m water resistance rating.

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4. Armitron Two Tone Stainless Steel Dress Watch

Armitron 204309GYTTHere we have another stunning dress watch from Armitron. This is ideal for smart and casual occasions and will add a touch of class to your outfit.

The casing of this timepiece is made of stainless steel with a diameter of 37mm. This 37mm sizing is quite popular with watches these days, many of which are around the 40mm mark.

On the dial is a day/date function which has always been a useful feature to have. The hands and hour markers are also coated with lume for better visibility in dim lit conditions.

Powering this Armitron dress watch is a accurate and reliable quartz movement. It also features a 50m water resistance rating.

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5. Armitron Sports Watch with Gold-Tone Finish

Armitron 408347BKGDIn at number 5 is this pretty cool looking digital Armitron watch. This is a sports chronograph timepiece built with a black resin case with a gold tone top ring. It has a large casing diameter at 48mm and a thickness of 17mm.

The digital display stands out nicely with the gold coloured finish on the dial. Features of this sports watch include a day and date display, lap time, alarm, dual time, military time, and a backlight function. The watch also has a 100m water resistance rating.

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6. Armitron Digital Chronograph Watch with Velcro Strap

Armitron 408291BLKIf you’re looking an affordable Armitron watch for a teenager than this next timepiece could be ideal for you. It’s great for youngers as it comes with a velcro strap. Do keep in mind that it is still a large watch tough, with a casing diameter of 42mm.

This cheap Armitron watch features a electro-luminous function button at the 6 o’clock position on the front of the timepiece. This makes the watch easier to read in dim lit conditions, a handy function to have. The watch also has a 100m water resistance rating, not bad for such an affordable timepiece.

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7. Armitron Multi Function Watch with Tan Leather Strap

Armitron 205217BKGPTNLast up in today’s list of some of the top Armitron watches is this beautiful timepiece. It features a PVD gold plated stainless steel casing with a diameter of 42mm and a thickness of 11mm making it one of the slimest watches on today’s list.

The dial has a pretty minimalistic design to it with slim hands that have a coating of lume for extra visibility at night. There are also 3 sub dials which are used to display the day, date, and a 24 hour clock.

Powering this Armitron watch is a Japanese made quartz movement for good timekeeping and reliability. It also has a 50m water resistance rating.

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Thanks for taking the time to read through today’s Armitron watches review. Comment below and let us know what your favourite model was.


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