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Invicta Watches Review

Invicta watches are popular for many reasons. They are an affordable yet luxurious brand with many styles available to suit just about anybody. If you’re looking for a fashinable watch but don’t wish to spend an extortionate amount of money, an Invicta watch has proved to be a sensible choice.

In today’s Invicta watch review we’ll be taking a look at many of the most popular queries about the brand, the history of Invicta watches, are Invicta watches any good? What sort of price range they sit in, and what are their most popular best selling models.

By the end of this article you’ll know whether Invicta is the watch brand for you or not.

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Invicta Watches Quality

A lot of people initially want to know what the quality of Invicta watches is like. For a brand that produces watches that typically cost under $200 I’d say you’re getting decent value for money. In terms of quality they match up well to similar professional watch brands in this price range.

When it comes to reading up on other people’s opinion of the Invicta watch brand the reviews can be very mixed. Watch snobs typically look down on the brand, this is because they prefer highed end specialist timepiece from luxury watch brands, this isn’t something that Invicta even pretends to be.

The average Invicta watch will quite happily last a few years under normal usage, this is due to how daily wear, impacts and moisture exposure can affect a timepiece over time. It also comes down to how often you actually wear a timepiece. If you wear it every day, it won’t last as long as something you only wore occaisonally.


Where Are Invicta Watches Made

Invicta watches have been manufactured all over the world. The Invicta brand typically outsource their watch production to third parties, this is all in an aid to keep overall costs down to offer the best possible price to the consumer.

Invicta do produce some Swiss made watches with have to be produced in Switzerland, some of the are even built by hand.

Their cheaper Invicta watches have been produced all over the world over the 20+ years the company has been running.


Invicta Watches History

The Invicta brand was founded by the Picard family in Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland back in 1837. Raphael Picard was the first to manage the company, he would then pass this down, keeping the company within the family until the 1970s. They had an original focus on producing innovative new Swiss mechanical watches, their collections of automatic winding watches was well recognised.

Along came the quartz technology boom, this, as it was so with the majority of the watch industry, changed everything. Invicta struggled like many other brands during these new times, they became a smaller niche manufacturer of watches for another 20 years.

However, in 1991 a US-based investment company decided to purchase the brand. They kept the headquarters of Invicta in Switzerland. Invicta watches can now be found manufactured along the likes of popular watch brands such as Glycine, Coifman and TechnoMarine.

Since the 2000s the brand has grown and grown in popularity, this is in part to their dedication to keeping up with popular trends and focusing on value for money for the customers. Lately they’ve started adding in more and more skeleton style automatic watches as the appeal of this type of watch has grown massivly in the last few years.


Are Invicta Watches Good?

So are Invicta watches any good? In all honesty I’d say yes, they are a good brand. With such a range on offer there really is something available for most people. They produce what I would class as affordable watches predominantly, that should appeal to the mass market.

Watches like their Invicta Pro Diver have proven to be extemely popular, there are other key popular models in their collections that I’ll touch upon later on.

The main things it comes down to is if the brand is suitable to you or not. If you prefer to spend less on a watch, say under $200, then Invicta watches are perfect. If you’re someone who often spends over $500 on a watch, I’d go for something higher end.


Invicta Watches Reputation

Invicta honestly has a very mixed reputation. They’re what is considered a marmite brand, some love them, others hate them. As I mentioned earlier on, this stems from many watch forums full of people who truly follow watchmaking commenting on the timepeices, a lot of watch snobs look down on the brand, you’ll find many of these sort of people wearing higher end watches such as Omega, Tissot & Rolex.

When it comes to the reputation among people who often buy affordable watches, you’ll find quite the opposite, hundreds and hundreds of reviews from happy customers who simply love the styles of general build of the watches. The quality isn’t much different than that of a $200-$300 Armani timepiece in my opinion, the only different being with Armani I believe you’re paying somewhat towards the brand name.


How Much Are Invicta Watches

With Invicta having such a large range of watches available it’s hard to pin point an exact price. They have a selection of expensive Invicta watches that can cost around $500 or so, these aren’t my favourites and I personally wouldn’t go for one that expensive. Their affordable Invicta watches typically sell for between $80-$200.


Best Invicta Watches

What are the best Invicta watches you can buy? Invicta has a range of both quartz and automatic watches. We will soon be putting together a list of 10 of the best Invicta watches you can buy, this will highlight many of their most popular timepieces for your consideration, letting you know the advantages and any negatives of each.


Invicta Pro Diver Review

Invicta Watches review 8926The Invicta Pro Diver, such as the Invicta 8926 or Invicta 8926OB is one of the most popular models available. It’s a 40mm stainless steel timepiece with a black dial and large hands that stand out beautifully. This timepiece is powered by an accurate automatic movement, features a date display and has a 20bar / 200m water resistance rating.

Our full in depth Invicta Pro Diver watch review will be coming along shortley. For now though, you can view the full details of this timepiece on Amazon.


Invicta Skeleton Watch

Invicta skeleton watchesLately Invicta has been moving into the skeleton watch market. Take for instance this vintage style automatic Invicta watch. It shows off a huge amount of the automatic movement that powers the watch, this lets you see how the inner workings of the timepiece really work.


Invicta Swiss Watches

invicta swiss made watchThis is an example of one of Invicta’s Swiss made watches. It’s powered by a high quality Swiss quartz movement and comes with chronograph functions as well as a unidirectional gunmetal ion-plated stainless steel bezel. It even features a high end sapphire crystal glass lens.

The agrument when it comes to Invicta’s expensive watches is that for the money, you could get something else of a higher quality from another brand, that, in my opinion is an argument that will never get fully settled as everyone has different tastes and requirements.


Invicta Oversized Watches

Lately Invicta has been becoming very well known for their oversized watches. They have this massive range of up to 50mm diameter watches. They have these huge dials which are bound to get noticed on your wrist, many people call these ‘big face watches’.


Why Are Invicta Watches So Cheap

How are Invicta watches so cheap? Invicta uses third party manufacturers which means they are able to just swap to newer, cheaper producers when the time comes, this is why over the years they’ve had production in so many different countries. Due to the sheer amount of watches they sell, they’re also able to keep a lot of prices of parts down. All of this together mean’s they’re able to produce affordable cheap watches that are still built with high quality parts.


Do Invicta Watches Hold Value

In all honesty no, not much at all. Just like many other fashion watch brands in this sort of price range, an Invicta watch isn’t something you would hold as an investment and due to the sheer amount of each model available, isn’t something that is likely to hold its value well over time.


Invicta Watch Warranty

You can view full information about Invicta’s warranty on their store website. I recommend you read the entire page to familiarise yourself with the type of warranty the Invicta offers. This type of warranty may only cover purchases from verified stores so always check what warranty is offered by the store that you purchase from.


Are Invicta Watches Right For Me?

This honestly all comes down to what you typically look for in a watch. If you’re all about the inner workings and movement of the timepiece, wanting the highest end Swiss movements and more, then perhaps this isn’t for you.

If however, you’re someone who likes the style and look of a watch and are happy enough knowing that you’ve got quality parts in your watch but aren’t overly fussed about which company made each part, then yes, this may be suited for you.

I for one love the range available from Invicta watches, they’re affordable, well built, and honestly offer some very good value for money in my eyes. And that’s all that I really want in a watch, I’m not so bothered by luxury brands with ETA automatic movements and AR coatings on sapphire glass etc.


We Want To Hear Your Thoughts

What do you think of Invicta watches? Comment below and join in on the discussion, I’d love to know how you’ve found the brand to be and what your favourite styles are.

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